The audacity of five hundred years of tradition comes to bear as three men seek to change the world. From the Crane comes a noble warrior whose claim to bushido is unquestioned by even his staunchest enemies. The Phoenix present the very soul of their clan, the unique mixture of mortal views and immortal knowledge. The Scorpion is a man who knows that the true power comes from the puppeteer, not the puppet...and who better to pull the strings than he?

Each sensing a need to make a change in Rokugan, these three Champions do what no man has sought to dare in the five hundred year reign of the Hantei. To affect the neccessary change, they must lay claim to the Mandate of Heaven, the very authourity by which the Hantei rule. What could happen if they fail...what must happen if they succeed?


Chapter One: The Crane

Chapter Two: The Phoenix

Chapter Three: The Scorpion

Chapter Four: One Action

Chapter Five: One Word

Chapter Six: Power

Chapter Seven: Beginnings and Ends

Chapter Eight: The Pawn

Chapter Nine: Champions

Chapter Ten: Gazes