The Gozoku have struck, and with that move the reign of the Hantei is changed forever. However, the three faces of the Gozoku seem to be playing at different games. The Crane, Scorpion, and Phoenix are consolidating their power while balancing the other two. Meanwhile, the Imperialists do what is yet within their power to oppose the Gozoku. With words, actions, and steel those who would see the Hantei restored fight a losing battle.

But, within the very heart of the Empire, a new threat grows. One that the Gozoku does not see...the one that may be the end of them all.


Chapter Eleven: Like Falling Leaves

Chapter Twelve: Conspiracies

Chapter Thirteen: Where Shinsei Stood

Chapter Fourteen: Changing Tactics

Chapter Fifteen: Footpritns in the Snow

Chapter Sixteen: Preparations

Chapter Seventeen: Wind and Snow

Chapter Eighteen: Street to Street

Chapter Ninteen: Imperialists

Chapter Twenty: Passions