Blood is spilt as the Gozoku clash with the forces of the Imperialists. As the Great Clans continue to pursue their own agendas within the Courts, individuals make plans in secret. Those who have no one to trust are forced to work from the shadows. In the Imperial City, a deadly assassin stalks the streets, seeking the blood of those who work against the Throne. Heroes, villians, merchants, and martyrs... all live and die for what they believe.

At the heart of it all lies the Emperor... pawn of the Gozoku, symbol to the Imperialists, and maybe, just maybe, the most dangerous man in Rokugan.


Chapter Twenty-one: Gifts and Favors

Chapter Twenty-two: Crossed Swords

Chapter Twenty-three: No Matter the Cost

Chapter Twenty-four: Plans Within Plans

Chapter Twenty-five: Killers

Chapter Twenty-six: Vengeance

Chapter Twenty-seven: Blood and Pain

Chapter Twenty-eight: Broken Threads

Chapter Twenty-nine: Lessons

Chapter Thirty: The Future